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Just something to share with my family here

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This Thursday will be my wife's birthday.  I always tried to make her birthday a special day for her. Even when the truckdriving lifestyle didn't make it easy, I was able to be home with her for most of them. She is really on my mind this morning.

I stumbled upon this little diddy a few minutes ago, and thought I would just share it here. My love to everyone here.

One foot in front of the other...



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Darrel:  Thanks for sharing that  "little ditty".  It is beautiful.  I can understand how you must be feeling about your wife's upcoming birthday.  Those special days can be so difficult but so can so many other regular days.  There seems to be so many times I call upon my husband's name lately.  I know he is close by,  just as your wife is close by as you celebrate her Birthday.  Good Thoughts to you.  Dee 

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Will be thinking of you on Thursday, Darrell, I know how we are with them on their birthdays, in spirit and in heart, but then we are every day of the year.

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