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Trying to make sense of poem.

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The following was posted on a medium's page.  A penpal read it and her comment was, "I am ready to die now."  The comments have been removed but my penpal isn't responding to any messages sent to her.  I'm not sure what she read that made her feel ready to end her life, can anyone else see it?  I'm worried about her but she is in Australia.  She has lost 2 adult children to suicide.

There are no shadows up in Heaven
As we all live in God’s pure light
There is no sadness, pain, or Anger
There are no tears within our sight
Here life is filled with love and laughter
Our souls are free to run and fly
So as you think of me please smile
And Please don’t keep asking God why
Life there on Earth is just a chapter
Of this eternal live we live
Heaven is not the end of our life
As we have so much more to give
You look at me as if I’m gone
As if I am not there with you
But you see, I am still right here
And I was only passing through
Part of my path in life with you
Was to bless you with strength and love
You see it was my time to go
and I now watch you from above
I watch you as you spread your wings
Sometimes you stumble and you fall
But know I’m standing next to you
I’ll be here with you through it all
Days may seem harder since I passed
And your nights may feel lonely too
Know as you say your prayers to me
In Heaven I always hear you
May you see signs I send from Heaven
Letting you know I’m at your side
And please know this within your heart
Your life you live fills me with pride
Someday this all will just make sense
When you join me with God above
For now just live life to it’s fullest
As I surround you with my love

      Written with love, 
   Fara Gibson Psychic Medium

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I don't see anything in it to cause someone to want to end their life.  Quite the contrary, I find it beautifully penned.  Perhaps the yearning for that place that we go to next that has no pain, no more goodbyes, but even in the poem it states, from the person crossed over already, that they are proud of us, that they are here with us, so really, no reason to hurry things along.  It admonishes us to live our life to the fullest.

I'm sorry your friend didn't feel they could do this anymore.  I think we've all had those days, the trouble with acting on it is that it's permanent, we can't hold on for tomorrow to look better.

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The follow up on this was that my pen pal ended up in hospital after a botched attempt to hang herself.  This was her third time to try hanging.  

I know there is nothing I can say to remove her pain of losing two of her adult children to suicide. 

Since losing my husband to suicide I have dedicated myself to trying to help those people who are struggling with suicide.  We need to humanize the grief of those who are left behind and for those who are struggling with suicidal ideation.


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