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I don't know where this topic belongs so if it needs to move or be edited that's great by me.

My thought with this thread was to welcome members to the forum.  We have members returning after time away and new members starting all the time and I thought that it would be good to let everyone know that they are welcome.  Perhaps folks might want to come here to say, "hey, I am back", or "hi, I am new here, my name is Marita but I'm listed as Widowedbysuicide."...  This could be where people could post a short introduction if they wish.

I know what a great place this has been for me and I just feel compelled to let people know that you are amongst friends here.  We understand what only others who have suffered loss can truly understand.  No judgements, lots of encouragement, sometimes a little smile, and always with heart ❤️.

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I'm a firm believer in the notion that knowledge is power, and even though each person's loss is unique, the more you know about what is normal in grief (and therefore what you might expect), the less "crazy" you will feel, and the better prepared you will be to understand and manage your own thoughts, feelings and reactions.

In addition to reading past posts in our forum threads, you'll find links to all kinds of information about grief on these pages:

Marty's Articles

Coping with Special Days

Voices of Experience

Grief Bibliography

Tools for Healing

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