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I lost a friend ( Paula Melvin ) that Ive known for 20 years. She passed away on Satuday 9-1-2018 due to a heart valve blockage.She was like a mother to me, when I used to live with her and her husband. Ive been calling her husband daily to check on him in this time of loss. We used to attend the same church, and I enjoyed interacting with their children-who are all grown now. I have also experience the recent loss of another friend that I had known for 20 years, her name was Donna Bell...both from Enid, Oklahoma. Last year I lost a friend to suicide as well, so this is a very difficult time with the passing of Paula, and remembering all my other friends who have passed on. I have such an empty void. I used to chat with Paula all the time on facebook, and actually called 9-11 for her when she alerted me of her heart condition on facebook because she couldnt get to her phone. So I did all I could do. Every so often I will see her name pop up on facebook, but know that shes not there anymore, and it breaks my heart. She always used to call me "onery" -the title which fits me the best. Thankyou Paula for the good times.....I know you're in heaven with the angels looking down.

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A lovely tribute to your friend, my dear ~ and I'm so sorry for your losses. The death of a friend is a significant loss that can go unacknowledged by others, as if we don't have a legitimate "right" to mourn someone who is not directly related to us. Yet friendships can be among the most important in our lives, because these are relationships we choose for ourselves, and not simply accidents of birth. I hope you will give yourself permission to mourn your dear friends, and know that you are not alone.

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I'm sorry for your loss.  I also lost a close friend of 40+ years last year to a very cancer...time of diagnosis to death, two weeks.  Our daughters were best friends too and both families close.  I know how hard it is and that you're missing your friend.  We thank God for people like this in our lives but when we lose them, it's soooo hard!


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