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sudden loss of father

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I suddently lost my dad the end of july and I am having a very hard time dealing with it...…..   I still cant believe he is not here with us all.   He loved his family and especially his grandkids so much.  its heartbreaking....my mother is a wreck too.  What an awful thing to happen...…     

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I am so very sorry to hear of the sudden death of your dad.  You have come to a place that has caring people who will listen as you share with us this heartbreaking loss.

Know that you are not alone and even though we are not with you physically we are all with you here. Sharing our pain helps in our healing. 


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I'm old now, but I lost my father when I was just 29 and seven months pregnant with my first child.  It's hard knowing they aren't able to share in milestones and be part of their grandchildren's lives, but I raised my kids to know things about him, to share stories with them and he's part of their history and they were raised to respect him.  I don't feel like it has to be the total end when they die, that we just need to learn a new way to continue with them.  It's also neat when you can share ways that the kids took after him, where they got the ability to do woodworking, their love of hiking, etc.

I am sorry for your loss and your missing him, I know how hard that is.  I've lost both parents, my husband (way too young), a sister, niece, nephew, many friends and pets.  Loss is a part of life, I have come to realize, and I've learned to coexist with my grief.  Life goes on but for those of us left behind by those we loved dearly, it continues in a different way than before.  We are forever touched by them in our lives and forever notice their absence.  Keep talking to him, who knows but maybe he hears you.

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