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This morning I made a post about what I’m dealing with after losing my mom unexpectedly almost 4 weeks ago. I’m struggling hard right now and reading and talking about it seems to help! Before i post my blog from this morning, I just want to say I had Reached out to a Medium; or those who I like to refer to as Prophets, a few months ago and she not once mentioned I’d lose someone close to me in just a short time. I was Angry this morning and apparently I’ve still been in shock for the past 4 weeks. I was still needing answers. Well for some reason I reached Out to her this morning and before I knew it, she was calling me to figure out why I was Questioning her original reading. Before I knew It, my mom was coming through and I for the first time experienced sadness and happiness all at once because my mom is at peace and no longer in pain.. I was getting some of the answers I’d been waiting for and there was validation that my mom has been with me every moment since she left us. Am I crazy That I reached out to a medium this early on in my grieving?! I’m somewhat at peace but still sad bc she’s not here physically and I still cant pick up the phone to call her :( 

heres the link to my new blog. I hope someone finds comfort in it and will follow along as I take This journey on a new path ♥️



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