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Dear Ones,

For more than 15 years, membership in our Grief Healing Discussion Groups has been free, and the site still remains free of advertising. It requires countless hours each month to research and share the valid and reliable information about grief that we share here, not to mention the time it takes to administer, monitor and moderate the site ~ and of course it costs money to sustain it.

Your support really matters.

Fortunately we’ve had barely a handful of generous and faithful members whose monthly contributions have kept us afloat ~ but it really isn’t fair for so few to be giving so much for so many.

So I ask that If you’ve found any of the information, comfort and support you need and deserve in our forums, please consider becoming a patron with a recurring monthly donation of your choosing ~ somewhere between the cost of a cup of coffee and the price of a good meal. If that is too much for you to afford, please know that a one-time donation in any amount is acceptable and deeply appreciated.

Just click on the yellow Donate button you’ll find at the top of our home page (or click on any of our forum titles and find the Donate button at the top of the page) and follow the instructions. And thank you very much for your support!

With a grateful heart,

Marty T ♥️

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It saddens me that you had to send this message out to us, Marty.  It is not easy to ask for money and most of us know how important a website like this is.  I’m sure none of us thinks about what it costs to keep a site like this one up and running.  I think as difficult as it is to ask for donations it’s good to remind us that donations are necessary to keep the site free from ads and pay for the use of a URL. Many who are grieving probably don’t even see a donate button.  I have visited many sites that are so full of ads that I don’t even know what the topics are supposed to be.

When I first came to this website it was after my husband died and it was under the direction of Hospice of the Valley in Arizona but due to lay-offs this site was no longer sponsored by HOV and since the site was Marty’s dream she decided to buy it and keep it running because she knew how important it was to people who are grieving.  Others told me that those who came here understood that those of us grieving would always have someone here who listened.  It has been so. 

I think the purpose of the GHDG website is to share with others and that to me was having a place to come for support in my grieving.  That is why there have always been suggestions to help us move through our losses.   It is a place to share what we are learning about grief.  We have to read about grief.  We have to hear what others have learned about grief. We have to not only be sensitive to what others are going through but to share what we are learning. It doesn’t make any difference what kind of a loss ~ a loss is a loss.  Our lives have changed and we have to learn how to live with the changes.  Sharing how we do that helps us ~ letting one another know how we are doing or not doing is the first step but it can’t be all that we do.  Since there is no time limit on grief we each move forward at our own pace.  The first years we are consumed with just coming to terms with the loss.  After that, we begin to look for ways to accept that our losses cannot be reversed.  We find ways that work for us and share those things with others.  Some of those things could be rituals, journal writings, a significant quote or song or article we have read ~ anything that has helped works.  Some are creative and write poetry or create iMovies focusing on the good memories of the ones we have lost or spending time coloring.  Others have taken up gardening or cooking or even sewing. We cannot focus on our grief 24/7 so it is healthy to have something that will give us some peace.   


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Personally I'm glad it isn't a neon sign because I don't want people to feel if they don't have money, they shouldn't be here, but it's a good reminder to those of us here on a regular basis that we can support this forum in whatever capacity we are able so it continues to be here for us all!  It's enough Marty donates so much time and her expertise, we appreciate her willingness to do so!

It's easy to set up a Paypal recurring payment, they'll walk you through it by calling 1-888-221-1161.

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