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Asking for Your Support

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Dear Ones,

For more than 15 years, membership in our Grief Healing Discussion Groups has been free, and the site still remains free of advertising. It requires countless hours each month to research and share the valid and reliable information about grief that we share here, not to mention the time it takes to administer, monitor and moderate the site ~ and of course it costs money to sustain it.

Your support really matters.

Fortunately we’ve had barely a handful of generous and faithful members whose monthly contributions have kept us afloat ~ but it really isn’t fair for so few to be giving so much for so many.

So I ask that If you’ve found any of the information, comfort and support you need and deserve in our forums, please consider becoming a patron with a recurring monthly donation of your choosing ~ somewhere between the cost of a cup of coffee and the price of a good meal. If that is too much for you to afford, please know that a one-time donation in any amount is acceptable and deeply appreciated.

Just click on the yellow Donate button you’ll find at the top of our home page (or click on any of our forum titles and find the Donate button at the top of the page) and follow the instructions. And thank you very much for your support!

With a grateful heart,

Marty T ♥️

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