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Girlfriend breaks up after ex husband's death, and now wants me back.

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Hey there, 

I am looking for some advice. Recently I was broken up with after my girlfriend lost her ex husband who also had a kid with her. I was a wreck for a bit and only asked for space so I could go my own way. She still wanted to talk/be friends. I couldn't do it without romantic feelings. She had some trouble giving me space, text, show up to common places etc... 

So a few weeks ago she asked me to meet her for dinner. We talked and she stated she was a wreck and was in a panic, and now wants to continue where we left off. 

We have only dated 4 months to the death. We have been on a break for 3 months. 

Is her needing space then coming back still a flag that she will drop and run at hardships?

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