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Our beloved lab, Sadie, died yesterday at just 5 years old. I am going through a hard time and really dont know how I will cope. I am on bedrest with a broken foot and she was my buddy through this mess.  How am I going to get through today let alone the next 6 weeks without her? I would sooner have 2 broken feet to have her back beside me on the bed. 

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I’m so sorry for your loss, I lost my baby at five and a half years old, he was everything to me and I can’t bear this pain, I’m just trying to get by from day to day and I know how much you’re hurting, I know that you feel that you are alone but you’re not, if you feel that You can’t talk to anyone close please try to get comfort from this wonderful group, it is helping me so much and I know that when the hurt gets too much I can come here and get advice from people who care and understand our pain, please don’t be alone, God bless you and your baby 

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@Sadiefred I'm sorry to be so late answering...we're in a state of emergency here, had no power for 8+ days, still getting caught up.

I am so sorry for your loss...I too would gladly suffer two broken feet than to lose my dog, Arlie.  But it happens to each of us as their lifespan isn't as long as ours.  We push that thought back in our minds during our lifetime, it's too hard to think about, we wish against wishes that it'll never happen...and then it does.  The pain of missing them is excruciating!  Everywhere are reminders.  Some get rid of all reminders right away as they're too painful...others leave them all right where they are as a sort of memorial to them.  Neither way is right/wrong, it's whatever brings YOU some comfort. 

Being on bedrest you have ample time to think, and that can be hard.  They creep into our minds regardless of how busy we keep, but laying there with nothing to do but think, that's hard.  Just want to check in with you how you're doing now...

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