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Come With Me ~ Poem by Peg Viglione


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Come With Me!

Come with me! Let’s go!

Eyes bright, ears up, tail awhirl,

The scent is high in the sweet mown hay.

Come with me!

The creek sings, calling

Dancing golden ripples.

Come with me!

We know these woods,

Mossy, cool, shade dappled.

Come with me!


Heart of my own heart, I cannot.

I cradle your tired head,

Stroke the velvet ears,

Gaze one last time into cloudy eyes

And feel my own world dim.

I lay my lips to your ear,

Whisper, go now, good dog,

I'll be along in time.

Take the path we love

Out into the sun.

Wait for me, and I will come.


~ For Sophie ~

2005 - 6/13/2016

© by Peg Viglione

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