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Happy Anniversary My Darling

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I tried to not let this day be a "day of tears".... Not a day of what I wish for but a day to remember when we were joined as one. As I looked up this morning I saw the gift you gave me last year. You never forgot one anniversary. So determined to make May 6th special. To get that very special perfect gift. Having you was all I ever needed. I drank my first cup of coffee this morning remembering how our eyes met the first time, over a cup of coffee. Even though Joanne and Vernon arranged for that first cup of coffee between us how could they have known it would be the beginning of our world. I remember looking at you across the table and telling myself "he's too good to be true". But you were Gene...more than I ever could have dreamed of. I think of how you took me by the hand 5 months later and pointed to the calendar and asked if this would be a good day for us to be married. I don't know how the time went so quickly but I do know we lived it to the fullest hand and hand. I treasured every moment as much as you did. You made the sun rise every morning for me. Your sweet face brought a smile to my face every moment. I was so safe and secure and loved in your arms. I know time changes things but our love never changed except to grow stronger. Thank you Darling for loving me and always letting me know through the years. I was so blessed when we met. All I want is to see you sweet smile again.

My Loving, Gentle, Sweet, Brave Gene........I LOVE YOU!

Happy Anniversary My Love!

Always Gene!


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What a wonderful tribute to your darling husband. Always keep those memories alive. They can never be taken away. What you had was truly special. I know your Gene knows huw much you love him.

We will always carry them in our heart...

I love you Tom 11/19/54 -- 5/4/05 :wub:

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