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2 buddies lost within 12 days


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Two months ago I lost my boys Zack (13) and Gnash (12) within 12 days of each other.  They were my close companions since they were puppies.    They each succumbed to  distinctly different health issues  that I had been  carefully treating for many years.  They had  been my loving family, no doubt about it.  The vet said they lived as long as they did because I took good care of them, but  I feel that I could have done better at the end. I made mistakes.

I  seem to be struggling with the trauma of this experience which has left be quite depressed and anxious.  Home, once my comfort space is now empty.  When will this pain and sadness end?  Friends tell me to get another dog, but I cannot see it. Please direct. C

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I'm so sorry that you've lost both your boys, and so closely together. That is a double blow for sure.

You say you made mistakes at the end that have left you traumatized, anxious and depressed. You don't give any further details, but if you find that now, two months later, you're still struggling with those feelings, then I encourage you to find either a pet loss support group or a grief counselor who honors and understands the human-animal bond and the grief of losing a beloved animal companion. It's important to talk about whatever is causing you so much pain, so that you can come to a better understanding of your own reactions and what you might do to manage the pain.

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How Long Before Adopting Another?

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I find it takes me a while before I'm ready to adopt another, but there comes a day I want to have reason to come home, someone to fill this house with their spunk and energy, and usually another pet emerges at just the right time, not to replace one, for that can never happen, but to create their own place in my heart and home.  The greatest legacy a dog can leave is unfinished business in your heart, it's then you know they truly became a part of you.

I'm so sorry for your losses.

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