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grateful for advice on creating a memorial service for my Mum


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Hello everyone from New Zealand;I hope you are well; I would love to ask if anyone can recommend an article or book on creating a memorial service ; my Mum died in January and I had a wonderful  Catholic mass; I am having a new gravestone done in September and the priest will bless the headstone; with a social afterwards;I am so excited I get to do this; can anyone reccommend any good reading; many thanks sue

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You'll find links to a number of relevant resources listed on this page, Sue: Memorials ~ Funerals ~ Rituals

See also 

Passed and Present: Keeping Memories of Loved Ones Alive ~ book by Allison Gilbert

Celebrating Life: How to Create a Meaningful Memorial Service ~ booklet in pdf format by Gail Rubin & Susan Fraser

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