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Sunday, April 28
 5 pm Pacific | 8 pm Eastern
The Afterlife Conference Forum Presents 
Into the Heart of Grief
 with guest experts 
Dr. Sonya Lott and Dr. Mitch Metzner
is a Philadelphia-based licensed psychologist who focuses on anticipatory, acute, and complicated grief. She will share her wisdom about why every grief process is different.
Mitch Metzner, PhD i s a hospice midwife and minister who will speak with us about  Men and Grief, 
exploring the unique ways that men experience and express the pain of loss.
Sunday, April 29
5 PM Pacific | 8 PM Eastern
Click HERE at the appointed time
to join the meeting:
This podcast is free of charge, and will be recorded. 
A link to the recording will be in our May newsletter 

Hosted by 
e224a586-21fa-4201-92b3-f9f7bada17da.png?a=1132467776994  4650cd9a-3faf-4624-8f5b-d641b591c346.jpg?a=1132467776994
Dr. Terri Daniel, founder of 
The Afterlife Conference
Brant Huddleston,  creator of 
Dance Past Sunset
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Grief Chat

Join Rev. Paul Metzler for a chat about his recent Ask An Expert article focusing on, When Well-Meaning Comments Make My Grief Worse, in the upcoming January 2020 issue of Journeys newsletter. Ask questions, share experiences and gain insight and advice from the author and your fellow Journeys readers.

In times of grief, friends, coworkers and even family members may say things that aren't helpful or maybe even upsetting to the grieving person. Rev. Metzler will discuss how to handle these interactions and more helpful ways to support those who are grieving.

The chat will be live on Februrary 4th from 1-1:45 pm Eastern Time.

Grief Chats are free - click here to sign up today!

Click here to read the January 2020 Ask An Expert column.
A person wearing a suit and tieDescription generated with very high confidenceThe Rev. Paul A. Metzler, DMin, is an Episcopal priest and psychotherapist, semi-retired following over 40 years of service as a clergy member, therapist, and hospice-based grief counselor.
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Q&A with Sheryl Sandberg and Adam Grant


Join us this Thursday, 4/16, at 5:15 pm PT/8:15 pm ET for a live Q&A on Facebook with Sheryl Sandberg and Adam Grant, authors of Option B. They’ll answer questions about building resilience in crisis, caring for ourselves, and supporting others as we navigate COVID-19. Come prepared with anything you'd like to ask about these topics and know that you can participate by posting in the comments. Community members have already submitted questions about topics such as:

  • Getting support for yourself while supporting others
  • Balancing productivity and self-care
  • Communicating with partners around sharing new responsibilities

As you’re adjusting to your new normal this week, we hope you can take a break this Thursday to join us for a meaningful conversation about getting through this uncertain time.

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I found this TEDx Talk on YouTube and found it useful.  It's from 2017, almost 15 minutes, not sure if it was previously posted here.  🙂  She mentions "disguised grief" which can be bitterness, blame, grudges, hostility, negativity, regret, or resentment.  Kind of like how depression can result from unexpressed anger, in my opinion.  


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Short Wave from NPR:

What happens in the brain when we grieve
November 8, 202112:10 AM ET

When we lose someone or something we love, it can feel like we've lost a part of ourselves. And for good reason—our brains are learning how to live in the world without someone we care about in it. Host Emily Kwong talks with psychologist Mary-Frances O'Connor about the process our brains go through when we experience grief. Her book, The Grieving Brain: The Surprising Science of How We Learn from Love and Loss, publishes February 1, 2022.

Click here to listen to the podcast (16-minute listen) and / or read the transcript: https://www.npr.org/transcripts/1052498852

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Thank you!  Very interesting!  Our brains very much play a part in our grief.

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