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Today is my beloved Michael’s birthday

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Today, May 25th, is my husband Michael’s birthday, his 3rd birthday in Heaven. He would have been 57 today. I am very sad today, lots of tears (but that is my life now, isn’t it?).

I’m not very good at finding the right words to express my feelings, but today I will pick distraught.

Michael was everything to me. He. loved to garden and grow things. He loved nature and animals. He loved to cook, and he was an awesome one. People always liked him right off the bat. And he loved me, with all his heart. The most special gift of all. 

For his birthday, and as a memorial to him, I had landscapers come in (started last month) and made a butterfly garden for him, and I also planted a vegetable garden in his honor. There’s even a trestle with mature Concord grapes. All of it is for him.

The plants in the butterfly garden are still young, but the variety ensures beauty starting in spring and all through summer to early fall (there’s tulips and daisy bulbs, butterfly bushes, hibiscus/ bee balm, Blazing Star, lilac, Bleeding Heart, Holly Hock, Black eyed Susan, Milk Weed, Holly hock, liriope, Milk weed, Original Lily and cone flower).

Theres also a bird feeder and bird bath, a custom sign I had made and a plaque.

In the vegetable garden I planted tomatoes, cucumbers, red peppers, red onions and sweet peas.

I took some photos I would like share.

I will always love you Michael, and will miss you every day for the rest of my life! I hope you like your garden, my love.














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Beautiful garden taking shape!  Love the two poems, as well.

8 hours ago, CairnLady said:

I’m not very good at finding the right words to express my feelings,

I think you did just fine.  😃

Mark loved fern-leaf peonies, sometimes called the Memorial Day peony because it blooms right about now, but he used to say "My thumb is black and blue," meaning he couldn't grow anything if he tried.  However my thumb is green and so I planted a couple of these peonies some years ago for him to enjoy.  The weather has been very cool lately so everything is a bit behind, but the peonies I planted will bloom in about 2, maybe 3 days.  And I will think of him when they do. 

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CairnLady:  I hope you will share pictures of the Butterfly Garden when all is in full bloom.  Butterflies are messengers of our loved one looking over us.   Michael's Garden is wonderful and a true expression of your love for him.  Thank you for sharing.  Dee

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Beautiful!  George was my gardener, I didn't get his green thumb and since my fall two years ago can no longer do yard work other than picking up the unending branches that fall daily.

Your garden is beautiful!  I hope you see many butterflies.

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