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Webinar on Overcoming Breakups and Rejection

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Join Dr. Lisa Firestone on June 11 for a  90-minute Webinar that will introduce powerful psychological tools that can help a person to move on even stronger after a breakup or rejection. Sign up to watch live or receive a video recording. CE Credits are available and sold separately.
Presenter: Dr. Lisa Firestone
June 11th 11AM-12:30PM

By forming a more coherent understanding one’s emotions around a breakup, a person can actually use the experience as an opportunity for personal growth.
This Webinar will help you:

Explore how the past shapes your relationship patterns, choices, and reactions
Recognize and overcome critical self-attacks that are triggered by a separation
Understand how early attachment patterns influence one’s current reactions
Adopt a growth mindset that allows you to move on, rather than a fixed mindset that keeps you stuck in your pain
Practice self-compassion and mindfulness techniques to feel better in the present moment
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Sounds really worthwhile!  These are all things I've had to learn...

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