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What Do You Do when all your life you've wondered about your parent when only to learn @ the age of 27 that they were murdered ? . 


That person is me. yup me ! A girl who has been in the dark her whole life . Growing up i had a GREAT childhood . I had good friends, good "family" , and i was treated like a child was supposed to be treated .  But something just always felt off . As a little girl i always seen other little girls my age with mommies and always wondered where mine was ??? only to find out that a month after i was born she was BRUTALLY murdered in the streets , My mother was an drug addict but one thing she always kept with her was me .  That's what kept her going so long i believe . can you imagine having to give your child away for someone else to raise her and only be subjected to visits on weekends . She made the decision to wanna be better and do better for me , She wanted to raise me herself , her and her special friend would go out and pick out clothes for me like the babydoll i was . she wanted to be a mother nothing else was important than that . at the end of her life who knows where it went wrong ? I Thank god for the prosecutors who is helping me through this time as an adult learning about these things and trying to resolve this cold case , I thank god for the special friend she had for those 3-6months who helped her more than he imagined . he made her wanna do it all the way . I thank god for her keeping me with her at all times . SHE WAS 29. SHE WAS A MOM. SISTER . DAUGHTER. FRIEND . 


*Pic For Attention*

My superhero . My mommy xo


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I am so sorry, there are no words adequate.  I hope they solve this cold case and you get some answers.  I'm glad you know how much she loves you.

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