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Steve McAtee

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...how uncanny, it was only a couple of nights ago i was reading in bed from The New International Version...John 11...The Death of Lazarus and Jesus Comforts the sisters of Lazarus, ( Jesus weeps too, ) i am slowly going through the New Testament...and this morning 6.am ( UK ) i am reading your post...As they say..." our God works in mysterious ways." I lost my partner Richard, of 20 years at age 74, on the 11th April 2019, he passed away suddenly in his armchair of a heart blockage, morning-mid day...

I have PP-Multiple Sclerosis diagnosed at age 64, i am now 68, was diagnosed on the same date Richard passed away, 11th April, so to say this was a complete shock for me and oh how i am now struggling without my Richard, he had been a part of my life for almost 20 years, and i have to admit, the best part of my life, along with my three beloved fur-babies that sadly i have now lost also ( fur-baby number one passed away same date 11th April ten years ago, an Easter Saturday.)...My life now is so so empty and void of everything, and everyone that ever meant the world to me...

Yes i too have asked Jesus-God, why Richard, why not me? so many questions we are now left unanswered...It was not meant to have been this way, he had been the healthy one up until recently..we will never know the answer as to why one is taken from us, and for what reason, we are now living the life of " torment. "...They say there is a reason for everything, well yes, but it doesn't stop us from struggling with the answer, Gods reasoning, Gods purpose, as to why?

May your Jack be at peace with our maker..


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21 hours ago, Steve McAtee said:

I think it's common to feel that way in grief, especially earlier grief.  I have always been an avid pray-er, I've studied prayer, taught classes in prayer, experienced prayer...but when my George died, I felt God was a million miles away.  But I knew He'd carry me.  I know it's not based on feelings but faith, and what is faith but believing in something/someone even though you can't see...we don't always know the why but we can know the Who.

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On 8/6/2019 at 10:16 AM, kayc said:

...we don't always know the why but we can know the Who.

Very profound statement indeed! - Shalom (God's Perfect Peace)

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