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My babies, the loves of my life..now at rainbowsbridge...

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You have been blessed with some very special dogs.  I do not have photos of the ones I had when I was young but I remember them all...Huck, Shauna, Baby, Lobo, Jaws, Teddy, Fluffy, Lucky, Arlie.  I've had 14 cats: the first one we moved from AZ, my sister and her husband adopted her, then Brandy, three little kittens, Missy who turned out to be a Mickey, Taffy, Midnight and Autumn, King George, Tigger, Chappy, Miss Mocha, Kitty who is with me still at 25.

Each one so unique in personality, each one worming their way into our hearts.

Arlie I considered my soulmate in a dog, he was created just for me, his personality so perfect for me, he fit right in, no he MADE this place home!

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Lucky was a Whippet-Dalmatian that suffered abuse at the hands of her owners.  Ron witnessed it and dognapped her to save her life.  He named her Lucky.  He worked at Symantec, bringing her to work with him, she laid under his desk and coworkers would come by and pet her or bring her treats.  She was his life.  One day he went to prison and another family took her temporarily, him thinking he'd get off and be let out, but it wasn't to be, he got 15 years.  After a year they said they were allergic to dogs and wanted to rehome her, but they kept their original dog.  I didn't understand how you could give up the one and not the other but it seemed they hadn't wanted her to start with.  I was doing prison ministry and had met Ron...I told him I'd take her.  We already had a dog named Fluffy.  The plan was I would meet her owners in Salem and take her with me...we were to meet on Sunday, but the previous Wednesday, our Fluffy accidentally died.  God works in mysterious ways, I would not have taken her had I known but I'd promised.  She willingly hopped into my van, but when she realized she was leaving her family, she cried all the way to my town, a couple hours away, she was heartbroken, and me for her.  She was a beautiful sweet graceful dog and she didn't know it but she'd hit the jackpot.  My husband and two kids each took her out for a bike ride five miles a day, and me, I walked her six miles a day, her getting 21 in all!  Ron had trained her, in my and the vet's opinion, overly.  She would do nothing without permission, even though I tried so hard to get her to loosen up a bit.  The neighbors said she never left the property when I was gone at work/commute 12 hours a day.  Such a beautiful sweet girl, I had her put to sleep at 14 because her arthritis was growing so much worse, even causing her pain in the middle of the night.  She had always been scared of her own shadow and went out the same way, fighting the euthanasia, unable to let down her guard and trust, not even once in her life, undoubtedly leftover from her days of abuse.  Poor little Lucky, I hope she is at last at peace and I hope Arlie is teaching her to relax and enjoy as he was always comfortable in his own skin.

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