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Lost my Great Pyrenees while on honeymoon :(


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I'm new to forums but I hope maybe talking to people who understand my grief will help me somehow.

I lost my Great Pyrenees, Sage, while I was on my honeymoon. She was 7 and a half years old, we definitely didn’t see it coming.

I got married and although Sage couldn't attend, she was very much at the heart of the wedding. The priest mentioned her during the ceremony and my sisters made an amazing video to me "from Sage" which had me in tears and everyone loved it.  

At the time, Sage was staying with her dog sitter at her boarding kennels, which she's been at many times before. They treat her very well, walked her and genuinely loved her. However, just 3 days after my wedding, Sage passed away in her sleep in the kennels all alone. The night it happened, I was in Florida on my honeymoon and I had a dream she died. When I woke up, I had a terrible feeling. However, my family decided not to tell me that Sage had passed. When I called, they assured me she was fine. I guess they thought it would ruin my honeymoon, not that it matters now. I know they had good intentions and I was thousands of miles away, but the guilt is overwhelming.

When I returned home, they broke the news to me. Thankfully, they had her cremated and I have her ashes in a wooden urn now with her name engraved on it. I feel so bad that I wasn’t there for Sage when she needed me most. She was with me every second of every day, I work from home full-time and she would sit next to me and protect me between cuddles and treats.

It was such a shock as Sage wasn’t sick. The vet said she had a fit or heart attack in her sleep. But I didn’t get to say goodbye properly and now I just hug her urn and cry. It’s been around 2 weeks since all of this happened and I’m now I’m home and back to work and the house is quiet and lonely.

My husband and I both have dreams about Sage but it’s mostly me as she was my dog before we got married. I dreamt she was waiting for me to come home so she could say goodbye and she came running up to me, excited and wagging her tail and I hugged her, said sorry and said goodbye. I feel a bit better but it’s just so sad without her. I feel like I don’t have any purpose anymore. 

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I'm so sorry for your loss!

My kitten died 2 days ago, so I feel your pain. She died at the vet clinic in the morning before I got to see her. I saw her the night before but it's never enough. You always want that last moment, that last hug and goodbye kiss..

Keep in mind the good memories and know that you gave her everything in your power and she wouldn't have change anything. 

I know the guilt, of not doing things differently, not making different choices so she wouldn't die..

Only time can heal. You will feel better, less alone, maybe someday you would have another pet to take care of. 

It's hard when you get to know their personality, how they act, their character. It's like us people. So who doesn't understand, didn't have a pet. 

You can't replace an animal like you can't replace a human being. Every animal is different and we will always miss them for who they were.

Cry, let it out and you will feel better with time. All the best.

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20 hours ago, Sage071 said:

I dreamt she was waiting for me to come home so she could say goodbye and she came running up to me, excited and wagging her tail and I hugged her, said sorry and said goodbye.

Oh Hon, I am so sorry!  I lost my companion and best friend, Arlie eleven weeks ago today.  He was everything to me.  I was present when I had him euthanized (cancer) but I can't get his sweet face out of my mind.  In my mind's eye I see him laying on the couch, smiling, and then it vanishes...he's gone.  I can imagine the horror you felt, it was so unexpected.  I had two months and ten days to process this before I lost him finally, but it took every bit of that and so much more.  I would imagine she went quickly and didn't have time to realize what was happening, I imagine she didn't suffer, and she certainly doesn't blame you for being gone.  This was like every other time, except she didn't live through it, but she didn't know.  Her spirit is happy where she is, you will be with her again, at least that's how I view it, hope, believe.  I can't imagine any alternative.  I live to be with my Arlie again.  

1 hour ago, Alexandra said:

You can't replace an animal like you can't replace a human being.

I realize that.  I could search the world high and low and never find another Arlie, and I know you both feel the same about yours.  They are special to us and we will never forget them.  I am writing memories of my Arlie in another thread...it helps me.  I want to honor him and the blessing I had of having him in my life.  I wish it hadn't gone by so fast.  I wish I could do it again.

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