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Still feel bad about cat after 5 years


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Still cannot get over my cats's euthanized death after 5 years. Never thought I'd write this.

It was very sudden  overnight. Vets said he did not have long to live like days. He looked very bad.

(His office is near where I shop regularly and I hate seeing it) I despise him.

Was bothers me is that I did not wait...maybe he would have improved?  Also I do not know the specific

cause of this and I am wondering about taking his lab reports to another vet and let her diagnose the cause, though she saw the

cat once 6 years ago. You think I should pay her to do this? She knows me for a long time .

(Two of my past cats died there.)   I obsess over this and thought I was over it. My current cat is no solace or substitute

and I won't get another.


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Another doesn't replace them, in no way, they're all unique, all you can hope for is it'll create a new spot in your heart if you let it.

The vet likely knew something or would not have euthanized him...I would ask the vet who did it WHAT.  It might not be a bad idea to take the report to another vet too, it won't bring the cat back but it might answer some of your questions.  Here they have a law against vets euthanizing without a fatal condition (Oregon).

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