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Dear Molly


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Dear Molly,

I failed you. I promised you'd live out the rest of your years with us. I promised I'd find you no matter what. I failed you. It breaks my heart. I miss you more than anything in the world. I would do anything to see you again. Anything. My heart is broken and has been for the past year. It's coming up on a year since you went missing. I wish there was a way to know if you were alive still. I hope you are. And I hope someone is taking care of you and loving you as much as we always did. You were the joy in our lives. Our days revolved around taking care of and loving you. I'm completely lost without you. Even after a year, I still don't know what to do with myself. I lost my purpose when you went missing. You're 15 now. I don't know how your health is anymore. I really really hope you're being taken care of. That worries me most of all. You deserve to be happy for the last years of your life. I'm sorry I failed you. I failed myself too. I love you, Molly.

Love, Momma


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Hi Abiisntoriginal:

I understand.  I had my cat Willy for 8 years.  He was an abandoned cat and I took him in.  He was scared to bond to anyone.  He did a little to my husband and son, but not much.  Anyway we decided to remodel our entire house.  He was scared of everything.  We had all these workers and noise and everything and he was terrified.  He could go in and outside at his will.  We lived in the back two rooms when all this reconstruction was going on.  He and my dog Zookie were good friends at times, other times Zookie would bully him.

Anyway he would run away from me when I tried to catch him to bring him inside and try to help him feel safe in the back to rooms we lived in.  He has never returned.  I tried everything I could think of.  Talking to neighbors.  Going around looking for him.  My son came over and tried to look for him and catch him.  I stopped seeing him after awhile.  The next door neighbors have many stray cats and a place where they all go in his garage to eat and sleep.  Alot of them are on my lawn many a day.  My neighbor said a lady down the street also feeds stray cats.

I never see Willy anymore.  Even though he wouldn't let you get close to him I loved him.  I took care of him. rescued him, bathed him, brushed his teeth.  He was sweet when you could catch him.  He let me do all that and never bit or scratched me.  He was so sweet.  I miss him so very much.  I wish I could find him and catch him.  I feel your pain.

Love, kokoangel137

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As you think about your cat having been missing a year I  wish you for some measure of peace.  My cat, Miss Mocha disappeared 6/3/2016 and I'll always miss her.  She was so beautiful, so sweet.  I know she never would have run away, I believe something got her, most likely a cougar.  I was outside working all day and never heard a thing, they are very stealth and quick, she wouldn't have had time to cry out.  The one consolation is that she would have gone into shock, which would have protected her from realizing or feeling what was happening.

I remember your earlier posts...I'm sorry she never appeared again, but I hope along with you that someone is taking care of her.

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