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Spring is blooming


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Our world is facing quite a challenge. 

This will be our first Spring without Connor. It is going be 60+ in the PNW this week. He would have loved it. The sun is out. Our Cherry Blossoms have bloomed

We miss him so much.

With the season change, my husband and I find that we honor Connor in ways that make us laugh. "Connor would not like all of the cheery blossom flowers on his fur." "Connor would love that we just put out the lawn cushions."  It hurts, but is also joyful.

Please take care of you and your families. 



Enjoying the sun.jpg

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Thank you for sharing...I too thought of Arlie and how he would love the emerging of Spring, rides in the truck to the park, hikes.  Beautiful picture of your Connor!  Such precious memories.

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