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I lost my cat


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I am so sorry to learn about your Oscar.  You have to stay alive in case he's found.  Did you put out flyers, call the humane society, ask neighbors?  I've seen people lose them before and then find them.  I know you're scared, try to remain hopeful, it's not been long yet.  

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Hi dear kayc thanks to your Care ,it is been almost a week and nothing changes for me I feel so empty 😭 and I want him back I could not sleep or eat he was my everything.i tried I am trying so hard to get through this and it is so hard.by the way thank you to your respond

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Just keep taking one day at a time.  I hope you've done the above suggestions.  Keep checking with animal control and your neighbors.  Make sure flyers are still displayed.  It's hard not having an answer.  My Miss Mocha disappeared June 3, 2016...I know she never would have left of her own accord, she loved it here.  I believe it was a cougar and at least know them to be quick about it, the animal going into shock wouldn't have likely felt the pain that would have ensued.  It's very hard not having a body to bury or not knowing 100% but it was likely that as reports of sightings came right after.  

It's also possible someone took Oscar in.  Have you gone door to door asking?

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