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wishing Mom was here to thank

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Mom has helped me greatly during COVID, and she's been gone seven years.

I was tasked with sewing cotton masks. Mom had given me numerous cutting mats and rotary cutters over the years, which make the process much easier. Then, somehow, I misplaced my cutters. I remembered I was handed all of Mom's scissors after her apartment was cleaned out - we both sewed and both left-handed. I found the box and inside were MORE rotary cutters, and extra blades. I realized with work to do today, the first thing I had to do was to tidy up the sewing room (Mom would *never* let hers get this disorganized) and there were MY tools, and the voice in my head reminding me if I put things back in the same place every time [sigh] i wouldn't spend so much time looking for them.

I'm kind of glad she and Dad didn't have to deal with this, but I still miss her.

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That is a tribute to your mom and the influence she was to you.  I miss my mom too and she's been gone since August 2014...I am so thankful she didn't have to go through this.  She had dementia and had to be in a dementia care facility the last 2 years, 2 months of her life...if I couldn't visit her she wouldn't understand.  My heart goes out to those in nursing homes, etc. during this time, both them and their families.

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