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The aim of this study is to interview long-term users of a bereavement support forum in order to further understand their experience and the process of grief online, as well as what they understand their ‘role’ in these communities to be. Long-term users offer a unique lens into online support groups and their experiences into the nature of these groups and how they affect the grief journey have not been extensively documented or analysed.

This study will aim at interviewing between three and six long-term users of an online grief forum. These users will participate in a semi-structured interview about their experiences using the forum, how they feel it affected their grief journey, and whether or not this changed over time. These interviews are informal and loosely structured to allow participants to discuss their experiences with as much or as little depth as they wish – as such no exact timeframe on interviews can be given.

Interviews will be conducted over Skype or a similar program and recorded, participants will be given a consent form to sign detailing their rights to privacy, the steps that will be taken to ensure their privacy is protected, and their right to withdraw at any time. As well as this, participants will be made aware of the questions before the interview takes place (although the exact wordings of the question may change). No deception of any kind is used in this study.

Ideal participants would be users of the forum for 2 years or longer, and who have not been bereaved violently or suffered the loss of a child.

Eligible candidates can get in contact with me through Joshwblack@gmail.com if they are interested. They can also get in touch with me with any other queries about any part of the research. 

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I'd do it but I can't Skype here.  Anyone else?

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I would like to participate as well Marty and will contact him.

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