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I honored Nancy's date of birth yesterday, wouldn't call it a celebration, just an acknowledgement that My Baby was here on earth, if just for a time, and a very short time at that!! I bought her a cake and some wind chimes so that I can hear her when she flies by, it was her 73rd, and she always told me Jim it's not a Birthday, it's a Birth month, so in honor of My Sweet Wife, will get her a gift every day for the month of July, but then I do that anyways, have been since she continued onto her next journey back on Dec 3rd 2018, I always bring her something home, and she is just like a little kid at Christmas, when I walk in the door, the first thing she will ask for is her Kiss, then she will stand there as I open the bags, anticipating what I bought for her, sometimes will be perfume, then other times just some Jello or a candy bar, whatever it was, it would make her happy, she didn't ask for much, so even the little things in life, she would get excited about, So Sweet!! I don't know how to go on without her physical presence, life is just so empty now, each day a repeat of the previous day, just so barren and without reason, how I long for that day to be with her again, to truly be home again!! Gnight. and good tidings to all of you.

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That is so sweet and I'm sure it pleases her, she knows you are thinking of her.

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