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Lost my beautiful sister.


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On May ³rd of this year I was sound asleep when my phone rang at about 2:45am. It was a private number when I answered it was the police, they were trying to find my house. He told me my sister had gotten into a bike accident and passed away. I will never forget that night, it haunts me every single day.

 My sister and I had a very special bond, not only were we sisters but we were best friends. There wasn't one day that went by where we didnt speak. I keep thinking back on our last conversation and the last time I seen her not knowing it would be my last. My heart is completely broken and I am afriad I will never be okay again.

 It's been almost 3 months but it feels like it was just yesterday. Everyone keeps saying it will get better but for me it is just becoming more painful as time goes on. I resent all my friends and have been isolating myself from the rest of my family, I feel so sad that I have nothing to say. It seems so unfair to me that people are having fun and laughing while I'm stuck in this nightmare. Every morning I wake up and have to ask myself if this real life?

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I am so sorry, I too am very close to my sister, she is not in good health and don't know how long she has left...I nearly lost her the last couple of years, following the loss of our other sister.  We talk every day and I have no idea how I'll make it without her in my life...my husband died 15 years ago and I didn't see how I could live a week without him.
This place has been a lifesaver to me with all of my losses.  I encourage you to explore the site, read the articles, @MartyT is a wealth of information, a most valuable resource, and most of all, she "gets it."  I thank God we have her here!

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