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Another day with out you and I'm still here.

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another day feels longer and longer as they pass I want them to end but then night falls and it's the worse stillness ,quietness, loneliness and iv still not waken from this horrible nightmare I'll be stuck in tell I die I layed here looking for a sign again for a sound that you where here with me nothing ,nothing I see I feel nothing nothing but heartache ,pain and devastation ur ex wife is still at it trying to destroy and control every little thing I try to do for you shes still not done even though ur gone I hate that nasty bitch ,shes the one who took everything from u and sent you on this down word spiral  and shes not done yet .........omg I hate that woman .........she belongs in the grave not you ...not you ............it hurts me so bad I'm sorry I'm so sorry I wasn't stronger to handle the problems the verble abuse I'm so sorry the first time I listen to people and not enable you ur gone dammmit Jesse I was comming back I did come back babe a nd u where gone dammit jesse why didnt you wait for me it's all my fault I'm suppose to be stronger then that I'm so sorry plz forgive me for not handling it in the right way I didnt know what to do I needed a little peace to think I'm sorry jesse plz I need you plz .....forgive me ......

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Laurie, I know you feel to blame but no one can make someone else do something.  It's natural to feel as you feel but that does not make you guilty of anything.  Believe in your love, have faith, you're forgiven anything already, just as you forgive him.

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