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I’m so upset and I can’t get over her death


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9/11/2020 I lost my little babygirl rose. We had just given the kittens baths and were putting them back into there sleeping spot meaning our laundry room. My mom went to put them back and the board that was keeping them in fell and landed on rose my kitten. We lifted it up and you could tell she had trauma to her head. She was paralyzed and I couldn’t do anything about it. I held her until she died and then after she died I couldn’t let it go. I didn’t want to believe she was dead. Now I still feel weird and upset about it last night I kept getting upset and then feeling fine and doing it over and over. I’ve never grieved like that before so I don’t understand it. I just don’t know how to handle it.

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I'm so sorry this happened to your kitten. I understand that losing your beloved fur baby in such a horrific way has left you with gruesome images and devastating feelings of grief, guilt and remorse. I also know that you didn't set out to bring harm to your little babygirl rose ~ but accidents can and do happen. We are human beings, and human beings make mistakes. Sometimes the mistakes we make have tragic consequences, and we are left to live with them, to find a way to forgive ourselves, and to learn whatever lessons we can from them. 

I encourage you to do some reading that I hope will offer some comfort and understanding as you come to terms with your loss:

Loss and The Burden of Guilt

Pet Loss: When Guilt Overshadows Grief


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I am so sorry, that is so traumatic for you to go through.  You are not the only one who has lost one to an accident, the sudden loss is very hard, no time to assimilate or process it.  

In addition to the articles Marty has given you, I want to list a couple more, but I really want you to focus on the comfort that this video brings, as well as the positivity of memorializing your kitten.





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