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I lost my daughter to breast cancer last month. She was just 25 but had been diagnosed at 21.  

The pain is too much to bare and I have panic attacks at the thought of never seeing her again. I miss her so much.

How do you go on? I have a son and husband and need to be strong for them. 


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I am so sorry, I've lost about everyone except for my children it seems, I do not envy you...I lost my parents, husband, pets, sister, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousin, niece, nephew, friends.  

4 hours ago, JulieW said:

How do you go on?

I do it by taking on only today...one day at a time has become my way of life.  Sometimes I have to remind myself to get back in today.  Losing my husband was my hardest loss, followed by the loss of my close companion/dog, Arlie, a year ago.  I can imagine losing a child is something you never get over, but rather have to learn to live with, same as losing my husband and my soulmate in a dog.  If that makes any sense to you.  It's the toughest thing I've ever had to do.

We can't always be strong, sometimes we let down, we cry, we scream!  It helps to come here and express yourself to those who get it.  And we do get loss here, even if not the loss of one's child...that I can't imagine, no one can but one who has been there.  My heart goes out to you, I wish more than anything that I could spare you that pain.

I recall how hard it was to do everything alone, without my husband...we were always together when not at work!  I couldn't even get groceries at first.  I remember the first time I had to drive the 100 mile round trip to get groceries without him...couples everywhere, him bagging, her paying...except now I had to do it myself...alone.  Reality began to set in.  I remember the first time I went out to eat alone.  It was pushing past my comfort zone!  Or going to church alone.  I'm on the praise team at my church, always have been, so we're up on the platform, looking out at the congregation, and there was the empty spot where he always sat, smiling at me, my biggest fan and admirer...gone.  It was even worse when someone else sat in HIS spot!  

I know this journey is unique for all of us, that we make our way through this our way, but there's also some commonalities, enough to "get" each other.  This place was a lifesaver to me when I first went through this over 15 years ago with loss of my husband.  I've learned so much here...I hope for you the same peace and comfort.  I know this is a rest of your life thing, not something that's ever over and done with. :wub:


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