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I killed my kitten


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I'm just going to get to the point I was suppose to put the kittens up but I felt bad for them being locked up in a room so tonight I left them out and went to sleep. I woke up and was on my phone when I saw poop on the blanket I moved it away from me thinking one of the cats had a accident then I saw her I rolled over her killing her I got up stated freaking out god I feel horrible my poor baby 



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I am so sorry!  This was an accident, you had no idea, that doesn't make you a bad person.  A bad person is someone who intentionally harms an animal.  I know I can't talk you out of your feelings though, but I hope you'll read these articles and please know you are not the only one who lost their animal through an accident.  I lost my dog many years ago and I feel responsible because I should not have left the back end of the van open, he'd never snuck into it before...I drove to work, left it closed up on a hot day and when I opened the door that night he rolled out into my arms, stiff as a board.  The vet said his brain would have burst.  I didn't need that bit of information.  He suffered to death while I was working just on the other side of the wall.

What would you tell a friend this happened to?  I hope you'll tell yourself that because you aren't deserving of self-loathing.  Your heart is broken and I wish you some measure of comfort and peace.  I hope you can direct your energy into memorializing this little kitten.  As long as we learn from what happened, that can bring a positive from a tragedy.  (((hugs)))



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