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Invitation to Participate in Research Study: Investigating grief and rituals during COVID-19.

Holly Mittelstrass

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I am conducting research for my master’s in clinical psychology.  The aim of this study is to investigate individual’s grief experience, to conclude the impact of COVID-19 with one’s grief severity.

This study will aim to gather willing participants who are have lost a loved one in 2020/2019 and +18 years of age.  Participants will complete an online questionnaire which will take 15- 20 minutes max! Asking to evaluate their experience with funeral attendance, social support (in person and received online via forums or social media applications), individual rituals conducted and religious beliefs.  Looking at the impacts of the factors mentioned on one’s overall grief experience.

This pandemic has impacted many people's lives and I would like these group members perspective.  Their participation will be a valuable addition to our research and findings could lead to greater understanding of grief experience as well as new knowledge for relevant for clinical practice in treating grief.

Eligible candidates can get in contact with me through hollymit76@gmail.com if they are interested.  They can also get in touch with me with any other queries about any part of the research

Thank you for taking the time to read this post.  Thank you in advance for your participation

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