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Remembering Benji


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A few years after the death of my husband, I decided to get a dog.  We had a granddog that spent many days with us.  I had many dogs in my life.  Benji was different. 

This is my rescue dog, Benji, before his haircut.  He was a Schipperke /Poodle mix and very smart. I did not know about his health condition because there were no papers on him.  In less than a year he started to have seizures and over the months his heart just became too weak.

I had already been to three different rescue places before this one and it was going to be my last one.  It was love at first sight and he came right up to me and that was it.  He had only been at the rescue for three days, but his lack of a haircut looked like he had been neglected for a time. The name on his bin said Gunner.  I changed it to Benji as soon as I got him in the car.

He was energetic and playful. A great little companion. I had him for less than a year.  The first time he had seizures it frightened me.  My Vet said it sometimes happens but when the seizures became too often my Vet said that it was affecting his heart. I loved him for the short time I had him in my life. 

The second picture was taken after his first haircut. He loved swimming and going for walks. 

I always smile when I look at his before the haircut picture.

Some days remembering hurts more than other days. 


Benji before his haircut.jpeg

my Benji.jpeg

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Your Benji is such a darling, Anne, and whenever I see the photo of him before his haircut, it makes me chuckle. He reminded me of Chewbacca ~ the Wookiee co-pilot of the Millennium Falcon alongside his best friend, Han Solo in Star Wars. He looks far more dignified in the second picture ~ but it's the first one that always makes me laugh.

Star Wars: Joonas Suotamo on Becoming Chewbacca and What's Next for the  Wookiee | Den of Geek

I know how much this little fellow meant to you, and I'm so sorry that your time together was so short. I know there will always be a Benji-sized hole in your heart . . . ❤️

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Anne, I know the hole in the heart all too well.  :(  I wish we could die together so none of us if left hurting, but am so glad he never had to lose you either.  People tell me Arlie was so lucky to have gotten me, but I feel I was so lucky to have gotten him!  :wub:  I know you feel this way about Benji, he is adorable.  (((hugs)))

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