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I killed my cat

Black power

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I killed my loving happy cat that follows me everywhere. I came to visit my dad who stays alone. I brought a cat to stay with us. Our house has been infested with roaches and because of the cat, I have been trying to avoid using insecticide. But I finally did but I locked the cat inside. It tried to come out a lot. I even beat it and threw it back. I slept inside with it until the midnight when I woke up and entered to check my phone. I forgot to lock the door and the cat entered and ate a dead poisoned roach. I tried to treat it because all the pharmacies where close and in Nigeria there is not easy access to get doctors. Especially at that late hour. It suffered all night before dying in the morning before I could get it to help. It was my fault and my fault again for treating it wrongly. I’m sure I worsened the situation. How can I live with this guilt

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I'm so sorry this happened to you and your cat, my friend. Clearly this was an accident, since you never intended to bring harm to your cat. An unfortunate reality of life is that we are human, humans make mistakes, and accidents can happen. Accidents have consequences, and sometimes they are fatal ~ but that does not mean that they are intentional. What matters is not what happened here, but what you will DO with what happened. Take some time to think about that. What lessons can be learned from this painful experience?

I hope you will find some insight and some comfort in these writings:

Grief and The Burden of Guilt

Guilt and Regret in Grief

A Dangerous Villain, Guilt

Breakind The Power of Guilt

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