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Another Request


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Another Request

March 14, 2021

WOW! This month we have climbed to over 11,000 members.  This grief site is the only place on the Internet that has no ads to plow through and it also has an expert certified grief counselor who reads every post and responds to the ones who are requesting help during the grieving process.

It is the members site and we read and get comfort from what we post being assured that whatever is posted is kind and nonjudgmental.

Knowledge is what helps us get through hard times and the information provided by Marty is spot on. I have been a member since 2012 after my husband of forty years, Jim, died. I don't come here as often as I used to but I like to check in especially to read what's new on the grief healing blog.

When Marty was working at Hospice of the Valley this site was a part of HOV.  Due to cuts HOV was going to drop the online site so Marty decided to buy the rights since it was her work. You can read about it in her grief healing blog at the top of the main page.

A donation button went up a few years ago to help with the cost of keeping the site free from annoying ads.  It is costly to keep a site active without ads.  The owner, Marty Tousley, wants it that way. 

I know we all have issues that we are dealing with and it has not been easy during the last year to come up with money when jobs have been cut, businesses are shut down, many kids are still doing online learning.  Parents with school age kids have to make hard choices about staying home with the kids or going to work, and the list goes on and on.

I am asking you to donate if you are able any amount to help with the cost of keeping this site open.  If you’re like me, I don’t even see the donate button nor do I think about the cost and time our moderator puts into keeping this site up and running.  So, if you are able and are a member, please consider making a donation, any amount is helpful, to keep this valuable grief site open.

I voice my opinion because I know that having a site like this one is important to those of us who are grieving. There is something in these forums for us no matter what our grief is at any time.


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