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Does anyone else after reading all the tragic stories here annoy your families saying "MAKE SURE __________ ISN'T IN THERE!!!!!"?

I do and it does annoy them, they roll their eyes like duh how would we ever not notice that? I've told them how shockingly common it is for cats to die this way, how steadily the reports pour in here, they don't want to hear about bad things so shut me up, and basically dismiss me for reminding and warning the, each time.


Our remaining cat is not even that into the dryer, once in a while I've seen him sleeping on freshly dried clothes when someone has left it open, but in general I think he actually understands the risks. I have noticed this about some cats, some seem to be more aware and conscious of their immediate environment and its potential risks, you can see them thinking about it and deciding agaisnt something, it's pretty fascinating to observe considering so many professional idiots assert boldly that animals don't think at all (an absolutely absurd belief in my view). But other cats just seem too trusting, sometimes I think they are loved and protected a little too much, never having any kind of bad experience, they may not even have an understanding that such a thing is possible, after all if you were born into nothing but comfort and never had any problems or witnessed others with problems, would you be able to think outside that comfy box at all? Doubtful. 


Maybe stepping on the cat's tail once in a while is worth the yowling? Anyway i'd like to know what you all think of this, should there be an effort to get the makers of dryers to change their design due to this absolute holocaust on cats their products unintentionally allow for? Imagine the huge relief knowing it's not even possible anymore! I personally experience a rather intensive stress or fear when I hear the family talking laundry and don't know where the cat is or if he's loitering about near the washer and dryer. And it doesn't resolve till they're done and I've confirmed he's alive and well. I'm traumatized just by reading the stories, I cannot imagine the horror people go through with that and they might get my deepest sympathies of all because it's an unintentional horror and seems like a sick joke, a cat desiring warmth and comfort and shelter in a box as cats do, climbs in the open dryer and goes to sleep. Later he feels a towel thrown on him, ah no big deal it's just my silly loved ones playing with me, i'll pretend i'm still asleep. Oh, hm, they closed the door, no worries they must just be playing lol they'll open it any minute n- 


(sorry to be graphic but i feel we all need to be horrified by this fully to prevent accidents based in lazyness and assumptions that it could never happen to me) 

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I read a story about a man who one day ran head first into a tree stump grinder that was on. What a way to go. I honestly thinkif my cat died in the dryer, I would want to kill myself and in a painful way, just to even out my sense of karmic debt for that ever happening in the first place. There's no way I could just go on living and one day laugh and feel good about anything!

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When something tragic happens in our lives, it behooves us to do our best to eventually move through it, it does no one any good to kill ourselves, but yes, I understand FEELING that way.  I've owned cats for 50 years (haven't had one since Kitty last year) and have never had one crawl into the dryer, but then I never leave the door open unless I'm loading/unloading it, so I'm watching and it's brief.  I've had cats disappear, die of old age, cancer, but not a dryer mishap.  It does happen a lot to people though.

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From Pet Loss: Curious Cats Get Killed in Clothes Dryers:

For those of you who have cats or kittens in your home, I urge you to consider taking these precautions:

  • Always keep the doors to appliances closed (washer, dryer, refrigerator, freezer).
  • Keep the door to your laundry room closed.
  • Place sticky notes on your appliances to remind you to check first for kitty’s presence.
  • Once you’ve loaded your washer or dryer (and before you turn it on), check the inside with a sweep of your hand.
  • If you hear any noise or strange sound coming from your washer or dryer, investigate immediately.
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