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Good afternoon everyone from Wellington New Zealand; I have just lost one of my best friends here  who was 95 years of age; she was a true delight; she was clever, witty kind  and unconditionally loving; She lived life to the full and she was a role model for me; I would love to share a picture of her here; May you rest in the deepest peace Eileen; I would love to post some of my favourite memories of Eileen in the days ahead; I have ordered a photo book so I can put all my top photos of her in the album; We have just planted a lemon tree today as she loved lemons; I am having a Catholic Mass said for her on Sunday; It feels very good to honour her this way. I want to cultivate the qualities she demonstrated of  love, patience, gentleness  and joy

I will write more tomorrow; thank you for letting me share ; my husband and I have joined a walk to raise money for cats as Eileen was passionate about cats; this feels good.

PHOTO-2021-05-21-16-59-26 (3) (3) (1).jpg

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fI am so sorry for your loss, I have lost some elderly friends for which there can never be a replacement, they were truly gems.  You are honoring her in a deep way, bless you, I'm sure she'd appreciate it.  

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