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My dad, always did things top notch. A Navy Seabee diver, first to install central  heat and A’c so earned his degree and started first central unit businesses.   When retiring his business 40 + years later he then gave his time to Veterans and knights of Columbus holding highest position for many years. The dad/ hero I grew up knowing would have not taken his own life. In fact I attempted the prior year, and my dad told me the many reasons to never give Up. if I change/ interfere w Gods plans for me, I’ll never know if tomorrow would have been the day I was waiting for . The answer that made life worth living!! I’m sad that my dads cause of death will be suicide by gunshot. He fought so many battles but he never showed outward signs of any struggles. He did not give up. My dad was an 84 year old Retired Navy diver, very successful business owner for 40 years. He played Taps at countless veteran gravesites, tirelessly raised money for the veterans and K of C, volunteered at our church. He died at home while watching a Saints game and cleaning a gun. He was also talking to my mom. The gun was discharged accidently, by my dad, striking him in his chest. He died within minutes In tne arms of his loving wife of 60 years. Dad I miss you so much!!!  After all, I knew you all of my life!!




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@MTNSIDE I am so sorry for this fresh loss of your dad.  It sounds like he died doing things he enjoyed, and that is a positive.  We are never ready for our parents to die, mine died all too young (I was in my 20s, expecting my first child).  The last line is one that comes to my mind all the time as I'm losing my older sister to dementia...she's been my best friend all my life, we talk to each other every day, I don't know how I'll do without her, but already am having to, it's multifaceted.,..

I wish all the best for you and all of us wish we did not have to go through this, very painful transition.  (((hugs))):wub:

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