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I miss you dearly and dreadfully


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Every second,  every day, every minute. You're on my mind, you're in my heart. I'm soo numb, and lost without you. I have zero direction or motivation. I don't know what to do without you.  I'm sorry for not being able to cry all of the time like I used to..its not because I don't love you anymore (always have and always will) I'm  just numb and have grown emotionless and cold. I want to cry and breakdown often, but I can't sometimes and I hate it. I hate it. Wish you could have stayed longer, or I could go with you now or know for sure what to pack wherever u are.
This is torture and the worst pain that I've ever experienced..I hope that it's still not for you. I hope that you are happy and loved still..wherever you are. If you're still hanging around here because of my unhappiness, I will fake being happy just so that u can go on to the next phase. I love you . I miss you..  always thinking of you

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Tears are no measurement of our love, we love them with or without tears, no matter how much time goes by, sometimes the very loss itself makes us go numb, it's too much to take in.  :wub:

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