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Loss went far beyond my dads suicide

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I’m hurting terribly. Losing my dad to gunshot to chest is still hard to accept. It’s gone further than that and I’m so overwhelmed. My mom has been staying with my sister and I have only talked to her 3 times since. I lived in a brothers house after losing mine a few years ago. It was part of what I inherited. After my dad died my sister had my mom put it in her name . She then gave us eviction notice that ends thanksgiving and is  selling it cause she doesn’t Like the outside ok her newly remodeled home. She is building a new home and shut us out their lives. Blocked numbers and I miss my mom so much. I’ll never know why my mom put it in my sisters name but we still have not found a home to go to. I not only lost my dad, I lost the remainder of my family. My sons are also being rejected. 

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