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I barely ever leave my house now and I had to get a package from outside.  I was unaware that one of my neighbors were out there, and before I could run in the house they stopped me.
They asked about you.
I don't like telling people that maybe you're that "G" word...
They never understand.
They just never get it.

I tell him.
He goes,
"I'm sorry"
"You should get "another" "one""
"I bet you are missing those walks."

I run back in the house,
and what's left on me
Bursts into more pieces 
The tears. The agony. The pain. 
Are the only things that are alive 
Inside and out of me.

I just miss you. That's all.
Only you.

I miss you 
I hope you are happy, loved further and still now.

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