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Hysterics or tears, can it be both?


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I don't know whether to cry some more even though that's bound and guaranteed to happen,
Or to burst into hysterics about the ironies, complexities, finality, the existentialisms and correlations between life and death.

Goodbyes are complicated and complex, 
So are  welcomes and salutations.

We birth in the same breaths to welcome and say goodbye. In those same tears are both.
Do tears know the distinctions between those joyous and desperate.  Are tears tiny "swimmers" too, swimming to different paths that create life and death.

We have a grasp and glimpse of who we are, and we get comfortable and render the search temporarily out of service.

Then we lose all sense and it is all snatched away by losing a temple of peace housing the pieces of you. Some never resume the search again
What I'm trying to say is:

I hope the tears emerge 
I hope they merge 
Into a beautiful disastrous ticking time bomb
You left. You took all the Peaces. 
I no longer have harmony, and equilibrium. 
The world holds no pieces

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