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Missing my baby soo much

I cant shake it

My soulmate is




Just not with me


I still cry all day and all night long

I quit other forms. 

They were soo insensitive. 

Trying to dictate and deadline my loss

Telling me that it's been too long to be feeling  whatever I feel

Telling me that I shouldn't feel what I feel because I'm supposed to have this superiority  complex and think that I'm better than all other beings of life because I'm this terrible creature called a human.

I quit 


They told me that I don't have the right to feel what I feel

Because apparently I can replace everything that she lost and  everything that I lost.  Apparently,  there's replacements for everything 


I quit my family 

They don't care

Never really did

They ignore me and are dismissive of everything involving me...like


They always talk amongst themselves about me,

But never talk to me.

They always are...

Nothing new..nothing old.


My heart is the only thing that 

Sees, hears, feels, everything, 

And has my permission 

To cave in

To quit 



Quitting is nice


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