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Looking Back With Love, 2003


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I run a small cat shelter out of my home.

It is called The Sunshine Cat Circus/A Forever Home.

14 cats and kittens passed on to the Rainbow Bridge in 2003.

I want to pay tribute to them here.

I loved and miss them all. They all had and still have a special place in my heart.

Also 3 feral outside kitties went missing and were presumed dead too. But one of them found her way back to my home and I am very happy and thankful for this. But her 2 sons are still missing.











Willow MaryBear

Timothy Marlon "Timmy"

Saffron MaryBear "Saffy"

Jimothy Christopher "Jimmy"

Missing and resumed dead:



Mrs. Black - FOUND - 1-19-04

Also lost was a litter of unborn kittens. The momcats name is Cindy and she mated with one of her sons who has serious health problems. I feel really bad and guilty for ending the pregnancy but I could not allow anymore suffering to occur due to chronic inbreeding and birth defects. Cindy has had 2 litters. Three in her first and five in her second. Two of the kitties from the first litter have serious health problems and all five of the kitties in her second litter have serious health issues as well. So one out of eight are not good odds.

Good bye all my babies who had to leave last year. Perhaps this year will be better. There have been no deaths so far this year. I rejoice with every month that passes with no deaths.

I am thankful for each and every kitty that the good lord has sent my way. They are all a true and wonderful blessing even if it ends tragically. I don't know how I do it...I just do. It has to be a miracle. I pray for strength and I get it. I guess there is no other explanation.

Thanks for listening. It really helps a lot to just write it all down and know that there are others like me who really care.

Love and Life,


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