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Honestly I just want to wallow in misery because the road to your dea@# was mysterious, unannounced, and traumatic. I am in a shallow pool refusing to wade

Honestly, I try to control my tears for a specific time at night because that is our private time where we can be alone, together once more. My tears often betray me. Spewing out during random times a day. I'm in quick sand flailing around, trying to sink in deeper quickly.

Honestly, I miss you tremendously without all my bones, because you took the last thing that stabilizes the gravitational pull. Without you I'm just old moldy jello unable to wiggle.

Honestly this is the worst pain that I've ever felt. .I've lost feeling since you've gone somewhere in some form

Honestly I don't sleep much
Honestly I I stay in bed 24/7
Honestly I get angry and feel betrayed when I can't cry or when I've stopped. I want it to last forever.
Honestly I would go where you are in a heartbeat if I could
Honestly just waiting on directions

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