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Effects of Tears?

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This might seem to be an odd question, but curious if anyone else experienced this.  

During the first year of my wife’s passing i noticed something odd. I kept getting styes in my eyes.  I can’t remember if it was different eyes or the same one, but think I developed 4-5 styes in span of seven months. 
Prior to this. I didn’t even know what a stye was. 

What caused this? I personally think it’s simple: tears. 
Note my doctor doesn’t think it contributed, but he was not really an expert in that field.   
As I explained to him I was crying—a lot.  I am confident I did not go a single day in 12 months without crying.  I imagine I averaged 6-7 cries per day in fact. 

Usually my crying wiuld last maybe 3-5 min, but it was the count of them that was shocking to me. 
Many times I imagine I cried over 10+ times per day (it was really bad).   In fact I actually got worried at how much I was crying thinking it was abnormal and even researched it for a while.  

So my thinking is this torrid of tears had to contribute to getting this styes, or it is a great coincidence.  

FWIW now that I no longer cry as much as I did (I realized it is not good for me). Coincidentally, I have not gotten any styes since.  

Did any of you who cried a lot notice effects from crying a lot?


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I'm not a medical professional, but from what I read styes can develop when the oil-producing gland in your eyelid becomes infected with bacteria. So maybe the styes were a results of you rubbing your eyes while/during crying which then caused an infection *shrug*. 

On the medical side, emotional tears are triggered by a range of feelings, most commonly sadness. They contain proteins and hormones that aren't found in the other 2 types of tears - basal tears which protect your eyes from debris, and reflex tears which form as a reaction to irritants in the air like onion fumes, smoke, cleaning products etc. 

I read that crying emotional tears that produce certain proteins/hormones can have a relaxing effect, it slows heart rate and can calm you down. My experience when I had my crying moments: I felt more relaxed after an emotional cry, and I did not get styes or any eye infections.

I'm so glad you're no longer getting styes 👍🏼 

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I tend to ask myself when some new condition is happening, what else was new prior to this?  This I'd conclude the grief/crying may have contributed.  I used to get styes about once a year, haven't had one for quite a while since.  But I rarely ever cry anymore.  I think I cried myself out.

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