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First time packing in 30 years

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I’ve finally agreed to start traveling again for business. Tomorrow I fly to Boston for the week.  Tonight was the first time I packed a suitcase in over 30 years. 

I think my wife would be very proud of me. I brought everything to the cleaners, had my suits pressed, etc.  

My son actually offered to pack for me, which I thought was incredibly nice….but well, he’s my son, and I just know I better do it myself.  

So, I went on YouTube and learned how to properly fold dress shirts and pants.  Obviously I am no where as good as she was, but never imagined I would be able to fold this good.  I had not idea how to fold shirts…but I have learned. 

Note: I even put that little strap thing on it (as it’s something I could hear her reminding me to do). Ha ha

Long, lonely week ahead. 


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This is such a sweet post, remembering how your wife was good at helping you pack your suitcase and fold your shirts. My husband loved the way I always folded his shirts after I'd washed and ironed them, placing them neatly in the drawer. Yes, I have thought about how he would have coped if I had left first. Apart from the 'shirt folding', my darling soulmate was able to manage any type of job around the house, he was a real 'do it all', D. I. Y. man, nothing he couldn't do or fix himself. Emotionally, I just can't imagine the devastation, and definitely would not have wanted him to go through this agony I'm going through, being only in our fifties. I can't tell you how much maintenance in my house that needs to be done, everything seems to be suddenly breaking, I just don't know where to turn first. 

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First thing I did when I retired was throw out all my button down ironable shirts with cuffs...I literally fold my shirts in half, and in half again, all there is to it!  That's a lot of work and you did a great job of it!  I recently packed for a potential fire evacuation, I can't imagine doing that...

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