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Hi friends,

A life long friend has been given four weeks to prepare for his death at age 35. Marty has been a good friend to all and his passing will be strongly felt amongst all who knew him.

If you feel comfortable saying a prayer for Marty, please do so.

Much love and blessings to all of you always,


Most merciful Jesus, lover of souls, I pray to you by the agony of your most sacred heart, and by the sorrows of your Immaculate mother, to wash in your most Precious Blood the sinners of the world who are now in their agony, and who will die today.

Heart of Jesus, once in agony, have mercy on all the dying, and for my dear friend Marty.

Jesus, Mary and Joseph, Marty gives you his heart and his soul. Gently assist him in his last agony in his hour of need, and grant that he may breath forth his soul in peace, and open your everloving arms, for the eternal love Marty shares so deeply for you.


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Thank you for responding Paul, and to the others who prayed for Marty, that has meant alot :)

Marty is doing fine and is feeling comfort that he will be with his god. Pain is tolerable, and he is surrounded by love.

Much love and thanks coming your way.


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Hi Seanboy,

Please allow me to first say I will definitely say a prayer for Marty, and Please allow me to send a heart felt prayer to you as well. I know that it is never easy to lose someone close to you but with God's great love it will take time but with His help it will get easier. Take care and God Bless you both Shelley

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